Since illustrations are the most unique and better way of telling the story in a more effective way, the use of the illustrations can be found in many different industries these days. Discussed below are some of the genres that are very common for creating the illustrations.

1. Narrative Illustration

One might have noticed that in some books the illustrations are drawn to express the content of the text, and not just in the books, but many blogs and articles on various websites also take help from the illustrations to explain things with better clarity to the audience. In the narrative illustrations, the illustrations are used to represent the words of the text in a more realistic or might be in an abstract way.

2. Book Cover Illustration

Book cover illustrators are hired by the authors and children book writers to create the cover of the book that gives the right idea about the novel. Most of the adult book authors although do not use the illustrations on the cover of their book, but it has been witnessed that almost every teenager or kid’s books have the spectacular kids book illustrations on their cover.

3. Comic Illustration

Let’s face the fact that the comic illustrations are everyone’s favorite, which is why it is one of the most prevailing genres of the illustration The comic illustrations typically follow the script and help the readers to visualize all the characters and scenes that are being told in the comic book stories. The author usually teams up with the comic illustrators to represent the act and motions visually.

4. Illustrations for Advertisements

Illustrations have also become one of the vital and most important of the advertisement these days. Since the primary goal or aim of the brands is to deliver the actual message to the audience with extreme clarity in order to attract the potential clients, illustrations are used as they serve the purpose so well. With the proper use of the colors and other visual elements in the illustrations, it gets easier for the clients to get the attention of the consumers.


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