Wikipedia is a platform that is used to share and gather information however now people have started to make progressions on it as a platform for business marketing and thus it has become a professional field. So here we are with a few things you can opt as a job that is related to Wikipedia.

1. Researcher

People research about the clients or projects that are to be created on Wikipedia. These researchers have the abilities to collect the data and information about the client or project that could then be processed to the Wikipedia team to get a page for them.

2. Wikipedia writers

The people who are good with writing formally and precisely could be able to choose it as a job. These people are said to have great writing skills as well as the knowledge about Wikipedia guidelines. They should be able to write it in an informative and non-promotional tone as Wikipedia does not allows anything other than this.

3. Wikipedia page creator

Wikipedia page creator is another job that could be said to become a professional job that is related to Wikipedia. These Wikipedia page creators make the page for the clients with the data collected by researchers and written by Wikipedia writers these page creators know guidelines and requirements of the Wikipedia and adjust the page content accordingly to make it posted on the Wikipedia.

4. Wikipedia editors and managers

These people are professional in managing something with vast experience in the field of Wikipedia. They edit the Wikipedia page which could then be used for profiling as well as for making the Wikipedia page. The managers, however, make sure that their created page stays on Wikipedia and they make considerations on preventing the page from being deleted. They look at the overall process of page creation as well as making sure that it does not get any unwanted edits or is not deleted.

These are the few professional fields that could be picked from the Wikipedia industry.


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